Study tour of Sino-German Cooperation

Forestry practices showcased
for Chinese experts group

2017-06/ Sustainable multi-purpose management of alpine forests was recently on the agenda of a study tour for partners of the BfN "Enhancement of Ecosystem Services of communally managed Commercial Forests" project in China. Organized by ECO Consult, the week of seminars and field excursions brought together researchers, administrators and forestry practitioners. It illustrated climate-change adaptation, close-to-nature management and low-impact logging at the example of state and communal forests in Southern Germany and Austria. The insights gained will be capitalized on during forthcoming demonstration and dissemination activities in 2017 and the first half of 2018. > More

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Promoting sustainable livelihoods in the world's emerging economies is an ever acute mission in view of regional crises and mass migration. ECO Consult combines technical and business knowledge with field competence to translate negotiated policies into action on the ground. ECO Consult assists in interventions that are economically and ecologically profitable and carry long-term pro-poor benefits. > ABOUT US


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2017 marks ECO’s 25th anniversary – a momentous event inviting reflection on our company’s past and future. Founded in 1992 by a core team of two forest scientists and a sociologist (with a vision of reconciling economic determination and ecological sensitivity, hence the company’s acronym), ECO has grown and branched out into an interdisciplinary provider of high-quality consulting services in international cooperation. After 25 years of continuous growth and diversification, our commitment to quality and values have retained their merit. We take pride in a corporate identity with human wellbeing at its core. > HISTORY